Hi, I’m Laura [Lynn], Licensed Aesthetician and CIDESCO International Diplomat. I recently moved from the United States to the United Kingdom, now commonly known as an Aesthetic Therapist. Change is good, right?

Having struggled with my own skin- acne in my teens and 20’s, now mild breakouts into my 30’s, add melasma, hyperpigmentation, and a side of fine lines- I know what it’s like to feel defeated. I know what it’s like to continuously search for a cure, an answer, product after product desperately dreaming of ‘perfect skin’. I’ve cancelled plans, used my hair to hide, I’ve avoided family and friends, eye contact, mirrors, I’ve isolated myself, refusing to be seen without makeup and sadly spent the healing process alone (occasionally in tears). It’s been a journey and I’m here to tell you, you are not alone. I’m here to add skin positivity to your life and give you skin confidence when you need it most. I’m here to share my knowledge of skin education and skincare ingredients. I’m here to read your skin’s past, treat your skin’s present and guide you to a healthy skin future.



Being a lifelong skin enthusiast, my passion in the aesthetics industry started at a young age. I’ve always had a fascination for the anatomy of skin, how ingredients affect the skin structure, healing the skin barrier while improving skin conditions. Throughout my teenage years I visited a Dermatologist frequently for my severe acne. I was prescribed numerous amounts of topicals and oral medications. All temporarily suppressing what was happening internally, improving my acne, however, the minute my dosage was completed, acne returned. It was a never ending vicious cycle that took a toll on my skin, self esteem and self confidence. My constant roller coaster skin condition was at one point given the option of isotretinoin/accutane. I arrived to my appointment hopeful, nervous, excited, only to be informed I unfortunately wasn’t a candidate for the drug due to my genetically high cholesterol (thanks Dad). That moment was a massive disappointment, I left the appointment in tears feeling l’d have acne the rest of my life. Acne affects mental health physically and emotionally. I was so fogged with negative thoughts at the time that I didn’t see the positive, I couldn’t. Today, I feel grateful I wasn’t a candidate for the drug. It made me research new ways of healing my skin both internally and externally. This ultimately created the passion I have for skin health today. 

My Background- I grew up in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. My family consists of a Dentist/Orthodontist, Atmospheric Scientist, Kinesiologist, and Nurse. Then there’s me, college drop out who dreamt of attending beauty school to be an Esthetician. My dad’s approval of an education only came from a university, so… you can imagine his reaction to not follow in the footsteps of himself and my siblings and graduate with a college degree. I only share this to encourage and inspire any one person reading that no matter where you are in your life, no matter the lack of support or approval you receive from family and friends, YOU are enough. Don’t give up. Your dreams matter.

My start in the beauty industry was as a cashier at Ulta Beauty, I slowly progressed in management within the company and so did my love for skincare. After 6 years working retail, I needed a change- leading me to work at The Cinta Aveda Institute in San Francisco, California.  Working in the office as an Administrative Assistant allowed me to witness students grow into the esthetician or cosmetologist they strived to become. It inspired and reminded me to fulfill my dream that for years felt so out of reach. Four years flew by, I got married, moved three times, finally bringing me to The Institute of Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Massage in Houston, Texas. There, I became multi-licensed in the CIDESCO International Program and a proud CIDESCO Diplomat. I obviously think my CIDESCO diploma is the best qualification, but I acknowledge being able to cleanse, exfoliate, extract, massage and hydrate might not get me far in a corporate environment. A university degree is usually expected but it wasn’t what I wanted to do nor the best option for me. I’m proud of the fact that I went to esthetics school. It kept me determined and I refuse to feel less than in any way. A degree requires commitment and completion, but there are other ways to prove that. Stay true to your ambition and not limit yourself simply because you don’t have a degree. Follow your dreams and know every step of life plays a part in where you are today.


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